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At Advicent, our mission is to enable everyone to understand and impact their financial future. While we succeed and expand upon this mission every day throughout the U.S., Canada, and the Netherlands, we constantly strive to deliver the life-changing value of our technology to new populations of advisors and their clients across the globe.

We were recently able to do just that by expanding our Figlo user base to include Greek and Cyprus markets.

Our team at Figlo, the EMEA-based branch of Advicent, announced last month during a meeting of the Hellenic Financial Planners Association (HFPA) that our financial planning application will now be available to advisors in Greece and Cyprus.

During the event, HFPA president Kostas Triantafillou and vice-president Loukas Tournatzis emphasized the intense competition in the current financial planning environment and the need for advisors to adopt a new approach to serving clients.

Aimed at providing its members with a tool to help them further develop their quality of advice, the HFPA set out on an extensive six-year search for software and selected Figlo after a thorough market survey.

All of us in the Advicent global family were thrilled to see how HFPA members welcomed the announcement of the new tool, which will allow them to greatly improve the quality of their financial advice and present plans to clients with unprecedented efficiency.

Additionally, advisors will now be able to reach a greater volume of affluent clients, ensure high contract durability, increase firm revenue, and foster lifelong client-advisor relationships that have become commonplace in much of North America and Europe but still often remain transactional in the two Mediterranean nations.

We are extremely enthusiastic about the new opportunities this will afford HFPA advisors and Hellenic investors alike. Our whole Figlo team is extremely grateful for this opportunity to begin delivering a new standard of financial advice within Greece and Cyprus. The current financial planning limitations that HFPA advisors are navigating bear immense similarity to the challenges that we have helped Dutch advisors navigate for some time. We look forward to the future success these financial service professionals are about to witness.

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